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For Caregivers

Caregiver Support helps family and loved ones in their role as caregivers for a loved one with a serious, progressive illness

Common Caregiver Issues Include:

  • Mental aspects and anguish of being a caregiver
  • The responsibility of doing everything “just right”
  • Household chores and tasks seem overwhelming
  • Often neglect their own needs and well-being
  • Managing family dynamics
  • Time management - how will everything get done?

These issues can result in worry and stress that lead to caregiver fatigue. Caregiver Support can help manage these issues and improve the overall caregiving experience. 

Caregiver Support is often for people who:

Are caring for a loved one with a serious, progressive illness
Have been told by a doctor that their loved one has a serious illness
Wish to have their loved one remain home and avoid hospital/emergency room visits
Have experienced any of the above common caregiver issues
Could benefit from an added layer of support


Caregiver Support includes:

Initial consult to review and assess any and all related issues
Discover your desired results and goals
An individualized plan of care specific to your caregiver issues and goals of care
Ongoing communication with you regarding the issues and the plan of care
Additional support for other family members and loved ones

The Caregiver Support Team:

Caregiver Support is provided by the Hospice and Palliative Care Team of Professionals.  As determined by your plan of care, you get the benefit of our interdisciplinary team comprised of our Physicians, RN’s, LPN’s, HHA’s, Social Workers, Spiritual Care Counselors, Complementary Therapies Specialists and Volunteers.


How is Caregiver Support Paid for?

There is no cost for any of these services.  They are covered by Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance of the loved one you are caring for.  They may also be eligible for financial assistance. We will help to determine any and all resources for you.

Call us anytime, night or day ‒ 607.432.5525

We're Here to Begin To:

  • Learn about your loved one's current health circumstances and concerns

  • Understand what is important to you and your loved one

  • Explore what services your loved one may qualify for and discuss their options

  • Help your loved one and their family Feel Better and Live Better.

Serving Otsego, Delaware and Schoharie counties;
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