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Part of our mission is to help our friends and neighbors in the community make the best decisions for themselves and their families in their time of need.

Our interactive educational programs are a free community service offered to groups who want to engage in a discussion or learn more about these important life issues.

To schedule a session or for more information, please contact us at 607-432-6773.

Educational Topics Include:

Caregiver Education Series

Taking care of someone you love can be stressful and an isolating experience. This educational series offers the family caregiver valuable information and tools intended to empower them and build caregiver confidence. The workshops will also teach caregivers how to provide care for a loved one while simultaneously caring for themselves.

What is Palliative Care?

Palliative care is different than Hospice Care. Learn how Palliative Care addresses the discomforting symptoms and stressors that accompany every serious illness, and why many are receiving this additional layer of support earlier in the disease process.

“Five Wishes”

Five Wishes is a valuable gift for yourself and for your loved ones. Learn how to complete this advance directive form, which allows you to designate a healthcare proxy, directs your healthcare choices if you’re unable to speak and provides you with the peace of mind of a living will.

The “Wonders” of Hospice

A broad look at how Hospice and Palliative Care works to benefit patients and their families with a serious illness, and everything you’ve ever wondered about the services provided by Helios Hospice Care and Helios Palliative Care.

Hospice in the Nursing Home

A common misunderstanding is that hospice care is only for patients living at home. For some, a nursing home is their home. Learn about how hospice care enhances the quality of life for nursing home patients facing life-limiting illnesses and the value-added partnership and services hospice brings to nursing home residents and staff.

“Being Mortal”

Dr. Atul Gawande’s best-selling book helps us understand what people want and need as they face their own mortality and encourages the questions that need to be asked and answered about end-of-life decisions. Join us in a thoughtful discussion to reflect upon “What Matters Most” to you.

It’s All About “Presence”

Sometimes we find ourselves worried about “What am I going to say?” before reaching out to someone dealing with a serious illness. Learn how your mere presence can be the greatest source of comfort and other simple ways to communicate support.

Spiritual Care and Hospice

Get an inside look at the role of a Hospice Chaplain, and the practice of spiritual care by non-clergy.

Grief and Loss

The loss of a loved one can be one of the most difficult, painful and confusing experiences in an individual’s life. Learn the different ways we provide support to families and loved ones as they begin this difficult journey.

How Children Grieve/Camp Forget-Me-Not

Examine the similarities and differences in the way children, teens, and adults grieve, and how our fun and unique camp can help children, teens and their parents who have lost a loved one.

"We Honor Veterans" Program

A look at how we strive to meet the unique needs of veterans coping with a life-limiting illness. Learn about how Helios Hospice Care recognizes over 100 veterans each year.

Grief During the Holidays

How do you cope with holidays when you are struggling with a recent loss? Learn how to care for yourself during the holidays.

Caring for Ourselves as Clinicians

As hospice providers we value caring for the caregiver. This includes ourselves. Learn techniques to address Compassion Fatigue, a form of exhaustion resulting from prolonged exposure to caring for the seriously ill, and to promote self-care through work-life balance. This is of utmost importance during these unprecedented times in healthcare.

Determining Prognosis/Hospice Eligibility for Providers

We are asked to determine life expectancy as best we can. Despite a wealth of data, we are close, but can never be exact. Learn from Hospice clinicians the clinical indicators we look for, and the questions to ask yourself as a provider, that may suggest when a patient is appropriate for hospice or palliative care.

Pain and Symptom Management at the End of Life

Dying is an individualized, personal experience. There is no typical death. Learn about how to manage common symptoms, and how to prepare for when the time comes.

Having Difficult Conversations

Conversation about death and dying are a crucial part of all medical care. Patients express a desire to have discussions about goals of care, and many patients have thought about their end-of-life (EOL) wishes but have not had an opportunity to openly talk with care providers about this. Explore your comfort level with difficult conversations and learn how to support and encourage an honest, compassionate and open dialogue.

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