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Refer your seriously ill patients to brighten their days

Considerations for referring a patient

With our expanding continuum of care, Helios Care can help bring comfort and relief to your patients at home long before life’s final months. In fact, Helios Palliative Care can manage pain and symptoms for patients at any stage of serious illness. Helios Hospice Care can be tailored to each individual’s needs, including specialized symptom relief for cancer, heart disease, respiratory disease and dementia. Our spectrum of expert care can keep your patients out of the ER and hospital, helping them stay safely at home where they prefer to be.

Helios Palliative Care controls symptoms and side effects

Helios Palliative Care
Helios Palliative Care

Even healthcare professionals sometimes don’t distinguish between palliative care and hospice. Helios Palliative Care is appropriate for any stage of serious illness – not just the final stages – and can be used together with curative treatments. In fact, Helios Palliative Care is effective at relieving symptoms of illness as well as side effects of curative care.

Helios Hospice Care brightens life’s final months

Helios Hospice Care

Your patients with a life prognosis of six months or less can live their final months in comfort safely at home with the expert support of Helios Hospice Care. We provide a robust range of services, typically at no cost to your patients, to meet their needs and wishes so they can live their final months to the fullest. Many patients are appropriate for hospice care months before they are referred. Learn more and see disease-specific admission guidelines by clicking the button below.

Helios Hospice Care

Education for professional caregivers

Learn valuable information and skills that are especially relevant for patient care during life’s final months. Our expert team shares hands-on experiences and education from our specialty of caring for terminally ill patients. To schedule a session or for more information, please call 607.432.6773.

Caring for Ourselves as Clinicians

As hospice providers we value caring for the caregiver. This includes ourselves. Learn techniques to address Compassion Fatigue, a form of exhaustion resulting from prolonged exposure to caring for the seriously ill, and to promote self-care through work-life balance. This is of utmost importance during these unprecedented times in healthcare.

Determining Prognosis/Hospice Eligibility for Providers

We are asked to determine life expectancy as best we can. Despite a wealth of data, we are close, but can never be exact. Learn from Hospice clinicians the clinical indicators we look for, and the questions to ask yourself as a provider, that may suggest when a patient is appropriate for hospice or palliative care.

Pain and Symptom Management at the End of Life

Dying is an individualized, personal experience. There is no typical death. Learn about how to manage common symptoms, and how to prepare for when the time comes.

Having Difficult Conversations

Conversation about death and dying are a crucial part of all medical care. Patients express a desire to have discussions about goals of care, and many patients have thought about their end-of-life (EOL) wishes but have not had an opportunity to openly talk with care providers about this. Explore your comfort level with difficult conversations and learn how to support and encourage an honest, compassionate and open dialogue.

Make a referral today

To make a referral to any of Helios Care’s expert services, use the referral form provided here. Or you can call 607.432.5525 or fax 607.432.2519. If referring by form or fax, a member of our team will follow up with you within 24 hours.
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