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Support for Family Caregivers

Caregivers need care, too

Helios Caregiver Support helps family members in their roles of providing care safely at home for a loved one with a serious illness. Although a labor of love, caregivers can be overwhelmed by the stress of caregiving, feelings of being unprepared, and the challenges of juggling time for other chores and their own well-being. Helios Care can help loved ones become more capable and confident caregivers. Family Caregiver Ratings

Communication with family


National average: 81%
Getting timely help


National average: 77%
Treating patient with respect


National average: 90%
Emotional and spiritual support


National average: 90%
Help for pain and symptoms


National average: 74%
Training family to care for patient


National average: 75%
Rating of this hospice


National average: 81%
Willing to recommend this hospice


National average: 84%
Meeting the HIS Comprehensive Assessment Measure


National average: 91.6%
Hospice Care Index (HCI) Score


National average: 9

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Helpful caregiver resources

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From emotional and spiritual support, to valuable education and training, to planning care in advance that will fulfill a loved one’s wishes, Helios Care provides a range of resources to help family caregivers thrive in their roles.

Helios Grief Support

Helios Grief Support
Helios Grief Support

Grieving can begin before a loved one passes away. Helios Grief Support helps family members work through their very personal grief journeys with expert guidance all along the way. Individual counseling and different support groups are available to support a range of needs and preferences.

Kids’ Grief Camp

Children and teens may have a difficult time processing, expressing and coping with their grief. Camp Forget-Me-Not provides professional, caring support in a safe place where kids grades K-12 can share their experiences as they move through their healing processes together.

How can Helios help you as a caregiver?